Dixie Grays, Ladoga, IN

To unite and preserve the concept of statehood, to embrace our ancestral

heritage and to see that no soldier or memory of the CSA be forgotten.

Quote by the "Great" ulysses s. grant

Mosby's successful disruption of supply lines, attrition of Union couriers, and disappearance in the disguise of civilians caused Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant to tell Maj.Gen. Philip Sheridan:

"The families of most of Mosby's men are known and can be collected. I think they should be

taken and kept at Fort McHenry or some secure place as hostages for good conduct of Mosby

and his men. When any of them are caught with nothing to designate what they are, hang them

without trial."

-And they have statues of this monster-


If you are a male descendant of a Confederate Patriot, we would love to hear your story regardless of your race or ethnicity.

Battle Flag Resolution

The SCV strives to preserve the memories of those who fought bravely for the cause. We look for evidence of events of a bygone era not found in todays textbooks or news stories.


  • Help Members to Search Their Heritage
  • Hold Monthly Meetings
  • Explore Cemeteries
  • Raise Community Awareness

Welcome to the Dixie Grays Website. We are Camp #2155 located in Ladoga, IN - Indiana Division of The Sons of Confederate Veterans, a group charged with the preservation of the History of our Ancestral Heritage and upholding the Honor and Dignity of those who fought bravely in a war with overwhelming odds against them.

A debt of gratitude is owed to those who put their lives on the line to protect the earned right of Statehood that their forefathers before fought to obtain from the British Empire.

Today these rights have all but diminished. As the Federal Government incorporates more and more of America into their system we are seeing what appears to be the equivalent of a Hostile Takeover of American Rights.

The battle to preserve our rights is proving to be one of the hardest battles ever fought by the American people. The SCV will endeavor to maintain our Heritage and not be infringed.

Please enjoy our site. We are striving to provide a non biased and truthful look at Southern Heritage

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Our Goal: