Dixie Grays, Ladoga, IN

Dixie Grays Adopt-Highway Program

The Dixie Grays Voted for, applied for and was granted the opportunity to give back to the community in the Indiana Adopt-a-Highway program to make America beautiful.

The program consists of picking up litter along a two mile stretch of SR 234 from the intersection of US 231 going east. We meet at the Church at that intersection, set up our signs and start at each end working our way towards the middle where we have a vehicle parked to take everyone back to their cars after completion. We then get a bite to eat and join in light hearted conversation. The event from start to finish takes approximately 1-1/2  hours.

This is a fun and rewarding opportunity. We encourage all members, along with there friends and  family to participate in this worthwhile event.  It builds good relationships with the community and allows for comradery of members and those important to them.

We are required to perform four pick ups a year from April thru October. Our first was in April. The next will be Sunday June 26th at 7am(to avoid the heat and still be able to attend church). The next two pick ups (August and October) will be scheduled closer to that time as we are dependent on when they mow. The State provides us with signs that include our name, "men working" signs, gloves, trash bags and orange neon vests.

Please plan to attend these events. We can use your help as "many hands make light work". Keep a close eye on your email in case of changes.