Dixie Grays, Ladoga, IN

Dixie Grays Celebrate National Confederate Flay Day

On March 5th, 2016, The Dixie Grays Camp 2155 celebrated  National Confederate Flag Day in honor of the Confederate Soldiers laid to rest in Montgomery County, IN. The gathering was held at the Ladoga Cemetery, the final resting place  of nineteen Confederate Troopers.

The Ceremony started with our SCV members placing Battle Flags on each of the Confederate Graves followed by a short ceremony in Honor of those who gave all to protect the rights of Statehood. Although their efforts were overpowered by the North, their spirits live on today in the SCV as Commander Garrets' speech to the troops instilled. 

Aid-to-Camp Farley, also a reenactor spoke of the trials and tribulations the soldiers of the CSA endured and how it is the duty of all SCV Members to give their all to preserve the honor and dignity of the fallen horos who served bravely under the Battle Battle Flag of the CSA. "No weather conditions should hamper our efforts to preserve our Confederate Heritage" and "Put yourselves in their shoes, for those who were fortunate enough to have them" were the messages put forth by Farley.

The speech made one think of how our Ancestors struggled with the freezing temperatures, snow, ice, floods, oppressive heat and disease against overwhelming forces. Our gathering to honor these men should never be interfered with, as the elements did not dissuade them from battling for our freedom. They deserve our respect.

Once the ceremony concluded the Dixie Grays returned to "The Old Normal"  for a luncheon of homemade Southern Fried chicken, Baked Beans, Cole Slaw and Bean Salad. It was a great time for us to get to know one another and to discuss camp events in a non-formal atmosphere.

Camp 2155 is looking forward to the next Confederate Flag Day and hopes to grow in member participation in the years to come. All SCV Members, friends and family are welcome and encouraged to attend. Watch our event page and your email for future plans.

Special Thanks to Compatriot Bill Burton of the Indianapolis camp and "Friend of the Dixie Grays" Ron Hocking for braving this "Frosty Morn" to pay respects. To the town and folks of Ladoga, IN for maintaining the resting place of these Soldiers of the CSA, and the Old Normal for providing a place to gather.